Blossom with nature

OnlyBio products

For children

The formula of the cosmetic has been adapted to the immature skin of a child under the age of 3, in order to support and protect it, among others, against hydro-lipid barrier damage and irritation.


For adults

The formula of the cosmetic has been adapted to the mature skin of an adult person. The products are based on natural ingredients.


Rapeseed biosurfactin

All products are based on natural rapeseed biosurfactin, which is a high-performance washing or cleaning substance unique on a global scale. Cosmetics are health for the skin, cleaning products are health for nature. The natural cosmetics are enriched, among others, with skin care phytosterols from oils. The natural cleaning products are enriched with anti-dirt glycerine. In addition, they are biodegradable and safe for the natural environment, and indirectly – for living organisms.

Sunflower oil

Cold pressed sunflower oil obtained from fresh sunflower seeds widely used in cosmetics is also rich in vitamin E. Antioxidants contained in it prevent skin aging by reducing the amount of free radicals. It improves regenerative abilities, supports healing of microdamages of the skin and contributes to faster wound healing and reduction of scars and stretch marks. What is more, sunflower oil contains caring retinol, calcitrol, lenolenic acid and linolenic acid.
Sunflower oil is also perfect for hair care because it strengthens your hair and makes it shine. It is a remedy for greasy hair because it regulates sebaceous glands.